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It let's me taoplinkss.ga files directly on my iPad and I can connect it to my dropbox. So I save the file on my computer in my dropbox and then I can easily open it on my iPad almost immediately. Here's a couple screenshots of the iDraw app: Also, you may want to try this app called Astropad. Jun 12,  · Battlefield 2 is used to open AI files associated with that game but you probably can't open the file manually from within the game. Instead, it probably resides somewhere special so that the software can refer to the AI file on an as-needed basis. That said, you can most likely edit it with a . Feb 24,  · To taoplinkss.ga files when you don't have adobe illustrator just right click the file and choose open with from the menu choose adobe. This works Wednesday, July 16, PM by Fanwood Not only does this work, but you can save the file as any standard graphic format and use it in any program that you choose, this works great.

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Hi, can ipad open ai file, i want to continue an illustrator drawing in the app Adobe Draw, but i dont know how to send it to the iPad, can someone please help me? Moving the discussion to Illustrator. It's not possible to send a file from Illustrator to Adobe Draw. Creative Cloud convert an Illustrator file. In Draw, tap on the photo layer to access Creative Cloud files, and select the.

Creative Cloud will generate a high res image that is compatible with Adobe Illustrator Draw. This is not an editable vector file, but hopefully it is still useful. Where in Draw are we able to find the 'Photo Layer' as described?

I was able to find the Shapes pop-up, but not seeing anything for importing imagery? You have to add a new layer, and designate the layer as an image layer. Here's a tutorial I recorded. This is demonstrated right at the beginning of the tutorial.

I'm sorry this is years since it was posted, but a question, With that said, you mentioned in your comment that one can open up a AI file in Draw, but it converts it to an image Any help on this would be great, as I truly just want to import or as you mentioned, bring in my wireframes I have that are of mobile, tablet and desktop outlines to proceed on creating the can ipad open ai file per page to prepare some flows of the concepts on the apps I build out, while saving on paper and eraser etc.

You would have to first convert them to some raster format such as PNG, then send them to the iPad and then you can place them in Draw. If you want to use Illustrator and edit repeatedly an iPad has no part in your workflow today. If you want a fully functional tablet consider the Surface Pro. Does that seem doable? This is why I was trying to consider the iPad draw scenario. And sadly, while I grew up on pc's, I have everything Mac, and to use it for just surfing and the wire framing with the pencil tool while I'm out at a coffee shop, it would save me the time and headache of bringing over countless papers that take up a table knowing I could accidentally spill on the paper and ruin everything.

While I know it's all marketing, I do like how mac work with mac I do hear more and more about the surface pro. Maybe I will do some research first before hopping on an iPad pro. I don't do wireframing on the iPad, but there might be better apps around than Adobe Illustrator Draw. The problem is still can ipad open ai file Even I use note apps for sketching and Write ideas, and lot of mind-mapping programs to visually structure hierarchy and navigation through complex web apps and sites.

If you don't mind working with raster-based imagery it's pretty easy to send export Illustrator artwork as something like PNG image, save it in the Creative Cloud folder and then place that image into a layer within Adobe Illustrator DRAW.

I might do that to use the Illustrator-generated artwork in a process of adding more organic looking layers of hand-drawn vector artwork to an otherwise clean layout. You can build up some interesting things in the back and forth process.

On the other hand it is possible to take vector-based graphics created in Illustrator and then open and edit those graphics on the iPad with apps like Graphic or Vectornator and keep the results all in the vector realm, can ipad open ai file. There are obvious big catches to that work flow. Plenty of Illustrator effects and features aren't supported in Graphic or Vectornator. Fonts are another hang-up. I find it kind of annoying to move artwork between the iPad can ipad open ai file PC apps.

I'm confined to doing it only a can ipad open ai file way, saving into a given cloud-based folder my CC folder for Adobe apps, iCloud for other things, Dropbox for yet other things.

By comparison the file manager in the iPad Pro is about as basic and rudimentary as it gets. I have an old Samsung Note 5 phone. I can connect that phone to a computer via USB and it can behave just like an external disc drive.

I can see most of the phone's folders and move files back and forth in a fast, straight-forward manner. I have many thousands of can ipad open ai file files created over the years and they all have to be divided up and organized into many folders and sub-folders. I can't keep lots of things in my CC folder, Dropbox or iCloud.

It would be too easy to things to build up and get disorganized after awhile. I guess the industry is going this direction since so many computer users just don't feel like learning how to organize their files.

I've seen a lot of PCs over the years where the user only saved files in the "My Documents" folder and created a giant hulking mess, can ipad open ai file. Later I can export these modified PNG's again to Illustrator to use as a template to create the definitive vector work. Right now, I need to wait to get an Illustrator near, to convert these files. In iPad, managing files from different cloud drives is still a nightmare and counterintuitive.

Error: You don't have JavaScript enabled. This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled, can ipad open ai file. Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page, can ipad open ai file. Please enter a title. You can not post a blank message. Please type your message and try again. This content has been marked as final. Show 16 replies. Thanks in advance. You can't open AI files in Illustrator Draw. One year later nothing has changed.

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can ipad open ai file


Apr 16,  · on of taoplinkss.ga file shows two other installed programs will open the files. I have PhotoShop Elements 12 as one option. I just tried importing taoplinkss.ga into PSE and it converts it to a pdf on the fly before presenting on-screen, so editing is probably nit possible. Jun 12,  · Battlefield 2 is used to open AI files associated with that game but you probably can't open the file manually from within the game. Instead, it probably resides somewhere special so that the software can refer to the AI file on an as-needed basis. That said, you can most likely edit it with a . With the AlwaysOnPC App, editing Adobe Illustrator files on iPad is available with one simple app download: With full-featured desktop versions of Open Office Suite, Chrome and Firefox browsers, PDF reader, and other programs, the AlwaysOnPC App opens up a whole new world of apps and capabilities – like editing Adobe Illustrator files on iPad– that.