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Plans Find the best cell phone plans for yourself or the whole family. Plus, save even more when you add family members to your account with the TELUS Family Discount. Top 6 Cell Phone Plans Koodo 4GB Unlimited Minutes for smartphones: BC and Alberta, Even the best cell phone plans in Canada have some of the most expensive data rates in the world. The more you know about how much data you use, the better you can pick the cheapest mobile phone taoplinkss.ga: Stephen Clark. Best Telus Cell Phone Plans. Get the Best Deals on Telus Mobility cell phone plan in Canada. If you are looking for prepaid or postpaid Cell plans, Telus Mobility has a plan for everyone. We have developed a state-of-the-art Cell phone plan comparison tool that displays Canada’s most competitive and up-to-date rates.

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Look up directions to your hotel or your new apartment? Post a story to Instagram to make your friends jealous? Not sure what a cell phone is? In your country, you might call it a mobile phone, but it means the same thing. In this article, cell phone plans bc canada, we explain a few of the basic concepts that are important to understand before cell phone plans bc canada for a Canadian mobile phone plan.

Looking for an answer to a specific question? Feel free to jump to whatever section is relevant to you:. The cost of Canadian phone plans varies greatly depending on the type of services your receiving. If you want a simple phone plan that only allows you to make calls and text, then you can find some cheap options.

As it turns out, data has a huge impact on the price of your phone plan in Canada. These days, many people want more than 5GB of data. Just to compare to other countries, here is a comparison between the cost of a phone plan purchased in Canada versus a few other countries.

This comparison is taken from a report by Wall Communications that was commissioned by the Government of Canada, cell phone plans bc canada.

Canadian plans are easily the priciest on the market, costing two or three times the amount of most European plans. Consider yourself warned!

There are a few questions you have to be prepared for, because your answer will impact which phone provider is best for you. One of the first things to factor in is whether you will Bring Your Own BYO device or purchase a phone through your provider, cell phone plans bc canada. Many cell phone plans bc canada to Canada have no choice but to BYO, as the other option purchasing a phone on a contract is only available if you get a Canadian credit check, and often you need a financial history in Canada to complete a credit check.

BYO means that you have already purchased a phone before you sign up with your provider. BYO plans are typically cheaper than purchasing a plan through a provider. This is because when you buy a phone through your provider, they will offset the cost through large upfront fees or by distributing the cost of the phone over a series of payment installments or a contract. However, BYO can be complicated as well. Buying a new phone is often expensive.

You could opt to purchase a used phone, but you have to make sure it meets a few requirements. Planning to bring your phone with you when you move? You might run into compatibility issues. First, your phone must be unlocked in order for it to cell phone plans bc canada brought to a different carrier.

An unlocked phone is a phone that is not restricted to a certain carrier, so with the proper SIM card, your phone can work with any provider and cell phone plans bc canada network in Canada.

You can always check the specifications for your phone to see if it will work in Canada. The cost of a new phone varies greatly depending on the phone. However, if you want a smartphone, you can expect to pay a couple hundred at minimum. The high prices is one of the reasons some people choose to purchase through their provider, because rather than paying a large fee upfront, they can pay off the phone over a longer period of time.

BYO plans are the cheapest you will find in Canada that provide you with talking, texting, and data. If you purchase a new iPhone 8 with your Koodo phone plan, they will require you to pay it off using their TAB payment system for new phones. During those two years you will also be obligated to purchase a phone plan through Koodo. This is another major benefit of BYO device plans: they usually do not require a contract.

This means you can stop your service and change providers at any time without penalty, cell phone plans bc canada. When purchasing a new phone through your provider, you will be locked into some kind of contract until you pay off the value of your new phone. For more details about these companies and how they are able cell phone plans bc canada offer the best rates, check out our article comparing Canadian phone providers.

A prepaid plan means that you pay for your services in advance. A monthly contract plan means that you pay for your services at the end of a scheduled payment period, usually on a set day each month. For a monthly contract plan, most providers require new customers to complete a Canadian credit check before signing up for their phone plan. The question of prepaid vs. If you have more questions about the cell phone plans bc canada between these two options, or about completing a credit check in Canada as a newcomer, you should check out our detailed guide for choosing between a prepaid and a contract phone plan.

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Prepaid vs Contract: Which one is best for newcomers? How to choose the best Canadian cell phone provider for your needs. Other guides for newcomers to Canada. How much will you pay for a Canadian cell phone plan? Make the most of your time in Canada. Find out more. Related content. Toronto, Vancouver, or Montreal? Hear from the experts! Sept 6: Only 1, invitations issued in a small week for IEC. Prepaid or Contract: What is the best type of phone plan for newcomers? Privacy Policy Terms.


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cell phone plans bc canada


Best Cell Phone Plans in Canada; Net10 Wireless is already regarded as one of the better options for the cheapest cell phone plans in the United States, so it makes sense that it also has some of the more affordable long distance options. Of particular note is the $10 global calling card. In Canada, pay-as-you-go plans can be a good choice for occasional users. If you plan to use your phone a lot, another type of plan will be a better option for you. Please note that the rates and plans described here are accurate as of March Aug 27,  · Best Family Cell Phone Plan for Controlling Usage Featuring 10GB of 4G data, and unlimited Canada-wide talk and text, this plan runs $ per month for 3 lines. Telus allows you to enable or disable data, set data limits, and monitor the usage of each line on your plan in real time using the My Account dashboard.