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If you're having trouble using the Outlook for Android mobile app, Open an in-app Outlook support ticket. If you have a work or school account that uses Office for business or Exchange-based accounts, there may be additional requirements set by your IT admin. Using this guide, you can learn different tips on how to sync Outlook with Android. We will mention different methods so that you can use alternatives if a method doesn’t properly sync your Outlook account on your phone. Method 1: Exchange ActiveSyncAuthor: Yasir. Dec 09,  · We need a Month view or week view widget that can be pinned to a page for a quick glance. For example the native android calendar widget. So if there is one supplied with the native client, why not use that? More and more companies are moving to O and forcing the Outlook client for Android and locking out the native client.

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If you use an Android phone or tablet, you can sync calendar and contacts between Outlook and your phone one of two ways: using a Microsoft Exchange account which includes Outlook. If you already use Outlook. If you have a Microsoft account using a Gmail or other non-Microsoft address, you will need to add an Outlook.

See " add an alias to an existing account " for instructions. Always Synced. Get Free Trial. Two-way sync is enabled by default, or choose one way sync. Set the Auto Sync feature for every 15 minutes or manually sync on your own. Free Trial Available. Microsoft Exchange server accounts including Office and Outlook. If you don't use Outlook, use outlook calendar on android phone.

You can use Outlook. If you added your email address to Outlook. The video below uses a Gmail email account and an Android device, but the same method works on Apple and Windows devices. See " Add an Alias to an Outlook. These are the basic steps. You need to use Outlook or newer. Outlook will eventually stop connecting to Outlook. To sync an Android phone directly with Outlook requires the use of a third party utility.

Outlook has no part in the sync process, it only supplies the data you want to sync. Sync software does all of the work. Your phone manufacturer may include sync software, if not, you'll need to purchase sync software. CompanionLink supports most phones. Mobiledit or AkrutoSync are additional options. It is possible to configure a POP3 use outlook calendar on android phone in Outlook. An Android user who is using the iCloud to sync Outlook and an iPad asked if it would be possible to sync their Android smart phone with iCloud.

They wanted to avoid installing another sync utility when the iCloud worked great. The iCloud will handle the Outlook-to-iCloud sync and the Droid connects to the iCloud website to sync. AkrutoSync use outlook calendar on android phone on your computer, not in the cloud. The program works with the phone's built-in apps, so there are no additional apps to install on the phone.

After the initial set-up, the program syncs automatically. It works over Wi-Fi or the Internet. Akruto syncs Outlook with unlimited number of phones and tablets even if they are different brands and operating systems. Synchronization history feature lets you restore data if you change or delete something inadvertently. CompanionLink for Android.

CompanionLink keeps Use outlook calendar on android phone Outlook and your Android device synchronized. No Exchange Server required. Both options include DejaOffice app for Android that provides an Outlook-like experience on your device. The app enables business features like color categories, database encryption and password-lock, integration with Caller ID and voice dial, and much more. Topalt Sync for Google and iCloud. Automatically synchronize your Outlook calendar and contacts with Google or iCloud.

This utility synchronizes Outlook calendar entries to a designated Google calendar. It allows user to choose Outlook Profile, Mailbox and Calendar.

It deletes old entries from Google calendar and updates new appointments. Net framework 4. Outlook use outlook calendar on android phone above are supported. Calendar Sync for Outlook and Google Calendar. Software to sync Outlook Calendar appointments with Google Calendar events. Option to schedule a sync at regular intervals. CodeTwo Public Folders for Android.

Mobile version of CodeTwo Public Folders allows you to access your public Outlook contacts, calendars and tasks on your Android phone or tablet. Requires CodeTwo Public Folders desktop installation. CompanionLink for Mac. CompanionLink for Mac keeps Outlook for Mac contacts, calendars, tasks, and categories synchronized with either a Google account, smartphone, or tablet.

You can choose your destination in the Settings menu of the software. Two-way direct sync. In contrast to other options it does not require a designated computer to be powered on at all times and works without uploading your data to any cloud. The synchronization is instead performed directly between the devices that are connected to each other at a given time decentral, peer-to-peer.

That way, it can be used in small offices or at home, without setting up or administering any kind of server. Currently, GeneralSync is available for free during a public beta phase. GO Contact Sync Mod. Since version 3. This Mod fork adds many enhancements and bug fixes to the obviously dead project 'Go Contact Sync'. Version 3.

Supports Outlook and bit. You will then be able to view the entire contents of the phone where you can synchronize, add, edit, or delete. Connect your phone via cable, bluetooth or wifi to manage your Android phone, use outlook calendar on android phone. See wbsite for complete list of features. Outlook Google Calendar Sync. Outlook Google Calendar Sync is completely free and syncs between any Outlook calendar and a Google calendar of your choice - either in a single direction or two-way.

Syncs can be configured on an automatic schedule, or simply upon request. It does not need to be installed can just be unzipped and works behind web proxies.

Supports Outlook right through to Outlook bit! Myphoneexplorer is the best of these: free and syncs notes, calendar, contacts with hi-res pictures, allows for file transfers, etc. Only drawback is it syncs notes with its own note app and not the phones. My Android - Outlook syncing has just broken, use outlook calendar on android phone. What seems to have happened is that previously, my contacts and calendar were in my Microsoft Exchange as my normal email first.

I guess something must have updated overnight? So now on Android, I have sync with first. Note I am only interested in syncing calendar and contacts. This address is not routable or can be used to sign in. The best option is to add an outlook, use outlook calendar on android phone.

Ah, there is more! I've discovered a real disconnect between Outlook and Google on use outlook calendar on android phone they handle company names in Contacts. Background - LG G5 phone with Android 7. Windows 10 pro 64bit. Outlook full install.

Set up Outlook. Started clean, imported my contacts into new Outlook. These synced fine to Outlook. Then in Android phone, set up exchange account with outlook. Contacts synced. But I have many contacts in Outlook desktop with company name only - like "Delta Airlines" in Company field and File as: field. They display fine in desktop Outlook. But when I sync to the Android contacts, the sync process - again, not sure on who's side it is on, but the Company name gets parsed into the First and Last name fields.

Example - Delta gets parsed into the First name field and Airlines get parsed into the Last name field. But wait, it gets worse. Sorry for all the chatter. Solved the issue by completely deleting all contacts, re-importing them, and was finally able to remove the Outlook.


How To Add Outlook Calendar to your Android Phone


use outlook calendar on android phone


You've adopted an Android smart phone, but your contacts, email, and calendaring information are tied up in your or Office account. Before you begin: You're on the right page if you're troubleshooting sync issues while setting up your mobile email for the first time.. If your email, calendar, and contacts were syncing before and now they don't, see Fix email sync you don't use an or Office for business account, contact your email provider. Jul 04,  · I have a question. I have been using Outlook for years and have always synced it with my Android phone. Since acquiring an S8, my calendar only syncs 2 weeks into the past! I have contacted support and been told that’s the way it is. Suppose I have to look up a past event or appointment? Is there another app that fills this void?